Perth Standlick, up early and ripping this one open


Hola. After all that wind yesterday we are left with some swell. Bondi was breaking chest to head high but looking a little junky and unpredictable. The banks aren’t crash hot…

Winds offshore and super chilly. It got down to 8 this morning.

The good news is that this weekend looks sunny, warmish and a few waves.

So if you’re running the City 2 Surf – you will be running on a beautiful Sydney winter’s day all the way to our front door – the Aquabumps Gallery.

See you Sunday!

: : u g e

Black wetties are boring aren't they?

Straight from the NYC catwalk, Josh Flemming

Golden walk

Nice right, shame about the shoulder fun-killer

"I think there's a warm patch over 'dere!"

Perth Standlick, no toes

Film crew.

3 thoughts on “C H I L L

  1. black wetties are indeed very boring on the eye, (and that pink one rocks!) but black wetties remain thermodynamically sensible nonetheless. not that it will ever matter in ‘stralia ; )

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