5:50am, Bondi Beach looking damn fine

V O T E – A B

At 5:50am it was shaping up quite nicely. Glassy conditions, small East swell and colours sprayed over the Buckler. Real pretty huh?

By about 6:30am a small south change hit, messing the surf up and the skies filled grey. It’s now 11:38am as I write this and I can see sunshine baking through all windows.

Tools down, hit the beach for a swim. Some very high temperatures coming, 28 on Monday! What tha!

Don’t forget in tomorrow’s big election to vote for the Aquabumps Party. Our policies include sand pumping from Marks park to create a ‘Super Bank’ @ Bondi. Prison sentences for dropping in and disposing ciggie butts on the beach. Faster NBN rollout so we can show you bigger pics every morning. Early retirement at age 40 so we can all spend more time down the beach. Oh and more importantly I surf a hell of a lot better than Tony Abbott!

E n d s : : u g e

Maroubra, bit hit and miss

Mini south change

Mal on the lose

Lefts at Maroubra

Throwing buckets

Beach weather is coming back!

4 thoughts on “V O T E – A B

  1. its friday but i can’t help myself. great pictures as always but i think it would be ‘loose’ not ‘lose’. ah now i feel heaps better.

  2. aquabumps party?….hmmmmm…..58,000 facebook followers, 40,000 daily email readers, consistently positive socially and evironmentally aware messages…just how many votes does it take to get a senate seat…??

  3. Had my first surf ever at South Bra in 1983. There were so many local shredders. Some of the Aboriginal guys rode boards with a red, yellow and black fin. There was something special about seeing these three colours slashing across the aqua blue lip of a wave. It is still a wonderful place to surf.

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