Bondi, 6:10am. Where were you?


Some days it takes me a while to come up with my two paragraphs that sum up the morning. I get distracted a lot, trawl the web for inspiration and hours pass by…I find myself on google earth scoping out new isolated point breaks in Indo or drinking too much java.

Today 2 words sum up the morning. CRACKER + SUNRISE.

The colours were unbelievable, the water warm, the surf lame but doable. ENJOY!

It’s February and you’ve just come down from silly season. Time for a health kick. Sam the Fruitman will deliver a box of fresh fruit and veg to your door …BINGO! Dial these digits 0420 906 061 for immediate delivery at 50% off for Aquabumps readers! See


Alex Kiss, sneaking a wave in at sunrise

Swimmers capturing the best part of the day....6:00am

JJ, neat bottom turn under a ceiling of pink

Poppy finding a wave to herself (rare)

Amanda the Dancer

Fellas have a sunrise chat

Crowded today!

Joel has a new hobbie, look out!

Session complete, head to work

8 thoughts on “Cracker

  1. Insane Uge, was gonna have a chat but you were running for your flippers like you were going to miss the the sunrise 🙂

  2. Beautiful as usual.
    I am french, living in Paris, and I enjoy every day having an email from you in my mail box. I start each day at work dreaming of surf and beaches!!!
    Thank you!
    Sophie F

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