Unknown shredder, punting. Bondi 7:30am


G’day. I back in the hood.

I was away for 2 solid weeks in the mega cities…that’s the longest stint I’ve been separated from my muses…being waves and surfing.

Can you imagine how good Bondi looked this morning to me with fresh (urban) eyes? 3 foot, clean, offshore and only 3 or 4 guys out? Oh man…I love traveling but home is pretty darn good. Especially when I look at the swell forecast and I’ll be able to surf every day this week. There is a spike of swell on Thursday…otherwise it will be head high every day.

It was only 8 degrees this morning but skies are clear. How good.

A lot of people have been emailing me about where to stay in New York. I’m no expert. All I can say is that we stayed in SoHo at this loft and it was amazing, right in the middle of the good stuff. But there are so many on Airbnb. Everyone we met in NYC rents out their pads…basically you book it and they go on holidays.


Ok, now rollover birdie...rollover...

Light slay

Will Whitaker, just cruising

Rich, warm, morning light...soak it up

Car park rights, Bondi


1st light rider, Bondi 7:30am

The early bird

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