It was only 6 degrees before the sun rose…nippy huh? The water is perfectly fine, just that dash across the sand can be a lil’ fresh.

There are waves! Good ones. At sunrise I saw some luscious right hand tubes on a shallow south bank. Looks like the rip is on turbo and creating some decent sand formations.

Big swell coming Thursday but it looks to be flanked with strong westerlies.

I know you all know, but we had the best Mentawais trip, ever, in June just gone. My good friend Paulie (AKA The Bird) brought along his little drone, check out the footage. Warning, you will want to go to the islands after seeing this video.

Seeya, uge

Ape in the cave, Derek Rielly slotted deep @ Bondi today

A duck diver and the boogie man

A drainer

Ed, ripping the end section amongst some good light

There is that crazy light again

Andy Liggins going for his daily froth

Adam Carroll, finding shelter


6 thoughts on “Currents

  1. That drone vid – must be the future of surf vids – music, location (reef angles) and some nice surfing, well done!

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