Mark Mathews, wave of the day, The Cape today


I’ve been travelling a lot lately. People I meet always ask me “What are the waves like in Sydney…?”

“Yeah, not bad…” I respond.

Definitely not bad today!

After 4 hours of swimming, shooting and drooling…I can officially say Sydney is pumping today.

Some of the best waves I’ve seen in ages rolled through. Forecast said 4-6 foot – well, these are bigger.

The Red Bull Cape Fear comp is not running today. It’s offshore (howling) and sunny – what a great day.

Summersite invites you to dinner in Paris…click to see what I mean.


What an incredible day for surfers

Richie Vaculik, slotted in deep

They call him Tim Jones

Just look at the thickness...

You can never be too early, sleep over. Tyler

Freighters x 2

Butterfly lips

Dom, round. Cape Fear

Looks so timid at 1st light...

Jai Abberton, calm inside the beast


9 thoughts on “Mental

  1. Awesome pics as usual, Uge!! That place is super scary….I once saw it at about 3 metres with guys making every wave!

  2. ..I was just riding past on my bicycle….didn’t know the place existed as I have ridden past to cape Solander many times..PS I am an old bodyboarder from wayback but am not tempted!

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