Maroubra 8am. Blake Thornton scaring the sea gulls


We have waves! Good ones…

I’m giving up on forecasting this week as reality is exceeding my predictions, daily. It is 3 foot and from the south east. Super clean with chilly offshores. Bondi and Maroubra both had good waves. The joys of winter.


P.S. I lost one of my favourite flippers today at Maroubra. Should you bump into a V7 Viper long blade (black with yellow dot), send it my way for a huge reward. I’m talking big chunks of gold bullion.

Maroubra hole

Blake Thornton, grinding lips

Marourba, Butterfly lips


Best view in town

Icy curls


How stoked is he?

Cold curls, Maroubra

Lady, you're tough. It was icy...and you swam for ages. Hats off to you

Frozen in time

7 thoughts on “Misguided

  1. I have your flipper.

    If you want it back alive, please place said gold bullion in a blank paper bag (be sure to reinforce the bottom) and leave it on the corner of Alexander and Fletcher St at 11:54pm tonight…

    p.s. nice pics today as always

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