Blake Thornton, frontside finner.

Power groms

A pack of groms owned Maroubra this morning. About 8 of them. All sub 30 kgs each. They can paddle into a ripple, pop an air, high five a mate then kick off. Heckling is constantly broadcasted from the channel – it’s awesome. I can’t wait for my little men to get out there.

OK ‘nuf ramble. For the people that read Aquabumps for raw data:

  • It’s 2-3 foot of south swell
  • Winds are ENE at 5 knots
  • Water temp 19-20 degrees
  • The sun has bite. Cooking up to 26 degrees today
  • Incoming tide now, so hoping it pulses somewhat
  • Plenty of crew surfing – so bring a good attitude

Tomorrow the mercury is going to hit 30 degrees!

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6:10am, Ben Buckler Bondi

Northen Maroubra, with the northerlies comes cold water. Good way to wake up

Nice little right hand runner

Beach buggy

These guys can catch anything, 1 footers are fine

Maroubra wrap


A light footed grom

Paddling over, Maroubra

7 thoughts on “Power groms

  1. You want your your kids to grow up surfing Maroubra??? Better factor in boxing lessons or mixed martial arts too. And ‘just say no to drugs’.

    1. Lucas have you been there in the last 10 years. Actually dont go you sound like the kind of guy that would go home missing teeth hahaha

  2. Uge, I’m sure Dakota, Koby, Sunny will take the ‘fruits of your loins’ unfer their wings with Jai providing pastoral care and spiritual guidance… ummm… wait a second…. On a slightly more serious note, isn’t it wonderful how Maroubra apologists say things about ‘showing respect’ and ‘plenty of crew surfing so bring a good attitude’ when they’ll happily drop in and snake anyone else all day and smash ’em if they complain.

  3. The bra is definitely heavy – cars broken into, fights and constant abuse . Best to stay away . Just remember the banks are better at Bondi …

  4. Ha Ha !!!!!!! How some wonder talent can kick up such a fuss…..and yes they will tear your stuck up arse to shreds….

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