I see dead people, everywhere. (By Cam Scott)


Like every other day I woke and went straight down the beach. It looked, well, um…pretty ordinary in every respect. OK. The swell came up (3-4ft)…but she looked junkie/wind affected. The grey clouds made it very gloomy and the sand was relatively empty – apart from Fluoro Friday gang.

I’ve been wondering what to write about today, my 6,000+th post, drinking java and google earthing secret surf breaks…and I still haven’t come up with anything interesting. What to do?

Love birds – it’s Valentines Day on the 14th Feb. Get yourself in the good books and buy your partner some Aquabumps loot. Buy a book online today and I will write a nice little warm’n’fuzzy message on the inside cover just for kicks. Ya know, something like you’re unreal, very good looking and that they’re real lucky and all…that you should let them surf more…

:: uge

Le Bergs

Shades of grey, by Bondi Beach

Kelli does my morning coffee, she can paint too!

The Pacific portholes on the stern

Can you hear the hip hop?

Well...I've seen it better


She'd love one of these for V day...in stock ready to ship

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