What a special autumn sunny day outside. Amazing.

I haven’t been in the air in quite some time, and I’m having withdrawals! There is nothing quite like dangling out of a hovering tin can, standing on the skids, scouring the land for unique and unusual formations. You get a different take on the world—a birdseye view.

When I fly, I shoot a tonne. Bucketloads. Only about 1% of my snaps ever reach the internet, even less get framed and hang on the walls of my Bondi Beach Gallery.

Here are some frames from recent flights that have never seen the light of day. You can also see some of my best aerial images here.

After seven weeks of closure, The Aquabumps Bondi Beach Gallery doors are open today with strict social distancing rules inside, sanitation at the door and constant cleaning. Pop open the champers! We’re only allowing a few peeps in at a time, of course if you’re sick, or in quarantine, not a good time to go artwork shopping! So at the moment, open seven days, 10-6 pm and we will see how we go. Chat with our team

You’re all doing great managing this weird time. Well done. We’re not out of the woods yet. Download the COVIDSAFE app, so if we get a flare-up, we can manage it better. Have a great weekend :: uge

My Aerial Image Collection

South facing Bondi


Giles Baths, Coogee


The Bondi Bay with the city in the background


North Bondi - pre-rona


Ben Buckler miniatures


The good old days, Bondi


2 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. I especially love your aerials Uge….and congrats in getting the gallery open again! The arts peeps have taken some big hits lately

  2. Absolutely love your work mate, it’s up in relatives houses in the US and I’m proud to call beautiful bondi home!
    Gotta say, love the small daily rant too! Good few laughs and I always get the vibes of your setting, method and feelings in, not only image format, but also in text!

    You could literally make a book with just the text 😉

    Quick question, do you have a shot of you doing aerials? How do you do them? I would like to get a better idea… thanks. From what I understood, you literally take a plane up. Or get into a scissor lift? Sorry if I’m sounding ignorant.
    Haha. Thanks mate.

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