It’s a little odd today. Whilst I saw some cracker waves I also saw a lot of close-out junk.

Needless to say, my morning swim was brisk. Submerged in the brine you’re fine, but the dash up the road into the morning offshore winds is torturous.

The waves have slipped gears, it’s only shoulder high.

Keep warm,

:: uge

Nice skies over the Pav


Drainers in the middle. Rare, nut they're there


Swimming today, is still a bit brutal (cold)


Tahiti feels


Hugo training every minute for his heat on Sunday




Fraser - can air


I wait for that sun to hit


Nug alert


2 thoughts on “Hit’n’Miss

  1. I captured your name, Eugene Tan, in a Bondi Beach episode on tv, shown here in Norway, and I was so blown away by your fantastic pictures taken at the Bondi some years ago.
    The colours in the waves and the sunrise in the backround, so beautiful.

    I’m very fond of pictures from sunrises or sunsets, from seas or moutains etc.
    I never forget to love the nature’s colours and shapes to look at and be excited about.
    Nothing else can give us that !!!

    ♡Greetings from a Norwegian fan

    1. Love it when people read aquabumps from a far. thanks for taking the time to msg. Makes it all worthwhile, uge

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