Silly Season

I’ve seen a lot at Bondi. For a beach that’s only 900 metres long – stuff goes down, and mainly this time of year, it gets nuts. #sillyseason

So many people tell/ask me – it’s more nuts this year? Nah, I don’t reckon we just forget because of the break for COVID. It’s always been a very colourful beach – it makes me laugh…you never know what’s gonna happen down there. Good for photography!

Ok, this morning’s wanderings went like this: 5:30 am I popped down; there was a gang on the Coronas at south, still out from last night (or the night before). A silent disco was very entertaining on the sand at south, whilst there were several modelling shoots, a large Salties group lapping the bay and not to mention a group of ice bathers.

But the most bizarre event was someone broke into the Lifeguard tower and stole two buggies last night. After fanging doughies, they eventually got bogged to the axels and split. The second buggy was somewhere up Bondi Road, apparently. These are the guys who save lives all day! Not cool.

There was surf, and it was uncrowded in contrast to the sand. Lots of close outs, but head high and clean. The southerly has just come in, but it’s only 7 knots.

It’s all back to calm down there, for now.

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P.S. First day of summer!

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Snog or swim?


Sunrise worship.


Someone broke in, stole 2 of the lifeguards buggies. Not cool

Deanne, Dr. Gen and Summer in Friday

Summer rigs are out


Anyone for silent disco?


Jet airlines


Jody at work

Tommy, how's the crew in the background


Clearing skies


Clement - oui!


Backhand tube riding practice. Grab that rail!


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