The wobbly, windswell lines of a junkie morning

Remember me?

Hey – happy new year kids, yep, we’re back on for another year. May 2011 bring you plenty of swell, buckets of green and the odd shady cave.

To start the year we have an east wind swell with east wind. Not the best combo. Conditions are a little junkie but surfable (2-3 foot at exposed beaches). I’m sure the Billabong Pro Juniors at Narrabeen will be flaring even in these small conditions. The boys round 2 is on now! Watch it live (its 3 foot – Narra loves the east swell).

Have a great week :: uge

A girl, a dog and a semi decent set out the back

Shoreline curves

Junkie peaks

Light beams out to sea

Shoulder hopping

See, nothing at Bondi! Go to a east facing beach

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