Bondi 6:43am light dance


This morning went down a little something like this.

The wind woke me up, southerly storm hit overnight and I could see choppy water out the back. I prayed for waves.

Light was dancing behind broken morning cloud as I rolled down hill half asleep. I took a few snaps, some mega slow shutters, some just out the car window as I drove past.

I saw a couple of dudes out at Bondi – I waited 30 minutes for them to get a wave and saw nothing of interest.

Moved onto Bronte seeking some protection from the wind. Same, 2 dudes out, waited 30 minutes and one guy got a set – went straight (pictured) and then went in looking a little dissatisfied.

There are waves in the 2-3 foot vicinity but the 20 knot sou-easterly isn’t making things pretty.

Hey – Slam’s beach volleyball festival is on again this summer and it’s time to enter a team.

Ok – winds are much better tomorrow…bye for now, :: uge

Bronte 7am The only wave I saw a human on this morning

Best spot in Bondi that little corner of the pool

Now they are bright speedos...

Light patches on the beach

12 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Hey Uge – can you start putting the time (or an approximate) back on your posts? Its always nice to know what time these things are a-happening. You have the time on the first photo in today’s post, but none of the others… I know, small thing to whinge about it, but such small whinges get up when everything else is perfecto!

    1. Hi Tam, thanks for the feedback – for 12 years I’ve pretty much shot at the same time 7am Bondi so I’ve gone easy on the writing that on all 7 images.

      1. No worries. I guess I’m just interested in seeing how the time of year impacts on the light at different times – I love it that just a few weeks ago it was pitch black at 6.20am, now its full light. But I’m just being an annoying nerd 😉 Keep up your good work, absolutely love it.

  2. ‘light patches on the beach’ has an interesting high contrast spectrum thing goin on giving it a European feel to the light. Noice.

  3. oh another thing – left field nerdy thig – for the next few days at around 11PM look up high to the NE and check out the massive bright star. It aint a star. It’s Jupiter. Grab a pair of binocs and you can even see a few of its moons hanging around it. Chuck a massive lens on Uge and we might even see some detail on that swirly crazy stormy planet

  4. uge
    OK heres some yank humor.
    if your down under and the wind blowes from the south does the arrow point up or down?
    I guess you”d have to be down to know.

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