Bodysurfing in the clear


I went down the beach this morning and it wasn’t pretty. A strong southerly is here and it’s making a mess of things. The skies threaten rain and there’s barely anyone around (including surfers). Yesterday was your best option for this week. I shot some real bad images of mushy water, but I thought you’d prefer to see some Hawaiian images that I took underwater just before getting on a plane back home.

SurfAid Ball

Surfaid is a non-profit organisation who help out the needy Mentawaian People (and other areas of Indonesia). They do great work, I’ve seen first hand. They are holding a Gala Evening to help raise much needed funds. Join famous surfers such as Occy, MR, Tommy Carroll, Taj and Simon Anderson in a great night in Sydney (Doltone House). It’s on Friday March 9th 2012 at 7pm. Tickets’ are $250 each or $2,500 for a standard table. Do it. Buy Tickets

Seeya tomorrow, :: uge

Hawaii last Friday - the Chamber

Sammy Cockle, underwater ballet

Whatever it takes to get the shot, Hawaii

Bodyboarder green

North Shore peak

The clear fold

10 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. The underwater ballet is a stunning picture. Such elegance & poise in a moment of action, with the lines of the body + the lines of the wave captured in dynamic dialogue. Its poetry!

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