Bronte 7am, Veronica Crowe doing her morning thing

Good morning

Started off a little dark this morning. Small glow on the horizon around 7am throwing out a lil’ colour which was nice. Bronte had a clean little waist to head high bump, Bondi had same-same but absolutely no banks to speak off. So bad. Most waves just closing out before you’d even get to your feet.

Tomorrow is starting to shape up. I reckon you will get waves above your head (even for a tall person). Winds favourable too, early (SW). Definitely worth dragging yourself out of the warm bed for.

My overenthusiastic friend, the frothing John Blake, is running on a free webinar on how to spend more time surfing and less time working. See

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Bronte 7:20am, nice little reef hugger

Faceless people

Photogenic morning


Wonder where the peak is?

Nice moments of golden light this morning

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