Bones, Bronte local crackin' it in the pocket


Today was very similar to the other days of this week…south swell, little bit of wobble, Bondi was no good and closing out, Bronte seemed to have all the action.

Small increase in swell today, head high sets for sure. It will fade and another swell will be due on Monday.

A little bit warmer this morning than earlier in the week. Quite mild, really. Rain may come this arvo…definitely a storm blowing in on Sunday and hanging around until Monday (good office days).

I did a little underwater ‘fashion’ photo shoot with the two knuckleheads from Bondi Hipsters – Dom + Adrian – you can watch the organic pair underwater here.

Snow season is rapidly approaching…time to book those ski trips to New Zealand. Go

B y e :: u g e

Dom + Adrian, the Bondi Hipsters underwater shoot

Dumpster Diver

A birds eye view on Bronte, the pool and boogie hole

Ava a dip

Bronte 7:50am


5 thoughts on “Replay

  1. Things you have to do to earn a quid… Assuming you got paid for your time shooting them. Youtube has much to answer for ha ha ha.

  2. On Sydneys beaches do you get an’offshore breeze / wind’ with the arrival of the Low Pressure front at the beginning of a southerly buster / Antartic cold front / storm ? (Wind anticlockwize aound a Low in Southern hemisphere).

  3. Those tracks and patterns on ‘Glare’ are so cool.

    Looks like ‘micro’ or ‘macro’ life. The ant people making tracks in the sand can be see thriugh the microscope. Seriously cool.

    Uge whats the http for that awesome wind and sea state – swell web site for south eastern Australia that you referanced an couple of months ago ?


  4. Al, mainly strong toutherlies in winter and strong on shores in summer. dont bother, try somewhere else mate….

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