Caleb Reid, Bronte local, 7:45am today

Bronte Bunker

Windy and chunky – that’s a good summation of what I saw down the beach today.

You’ll need to surf nooks and crannies tucked away from the Southerly. Its kinda offshore right now, SW, but it will edge around to the South later today and pick up to 20 knots.

Typical winter’s day. Rained 3 times on me whilst taking these pictures, and then short bursts of light kept things interesting. Barely anyone surfing…empty waves available on multiple peaks – it’s just a little junky and requires a lot of enthusiasm.

Have a good day. Tomorrow the swell is going to be much bigger (but not surfable around here).

Seeyouse :: ugio

I know these kids are small, but that wave is chunky

Left Bomb, Bunker, Bronte 8am

Rogue lefts from the point, Bronte

Bunker Pop

The Kid-Caleb, frontside

Caleb Reid and magic mushroom (5'6")

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