See those lines, that's good. Swell has come up


Wanna surf Bondi on your own amongst 3 footers, read no further and best paddle out now. It’s not incredible as the early morning high tide put plenty of wonk in the faces. But it is all yours.

Couple of things to note about this week:

– In general, there will be waves breaking all week

– Wednesday will be the peak of the swell this week. Expect double head high (and messy)

– It will be windy all week – 15 knots plus most days (except Friday when I reckon it will be good)

Ciao :: uge

P.S. Don’t forget the Aquabumps Gallery is open on Mondays (today)

North Bondi gold

Bondi 7:05am unridden sets

Swimmer's splash at Icebergs

Bondi 7:10am, offshore glow

7:00am South Bondi rights in morning light

Lefts from the middle

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