Broome, Icy wave.

Two Thousand and Twelve

Being one of the last Aquabumps updates for 2012 I thought I’d showcase some images I like looking at (and taken this year). It’s been a fun a year. Lots of travel in the first half, no travel in the second half and plenty of Bondi updates.

There is now 45,000 people that subscribe to our daily emails, nearly 70,000 on Facebook and 9,000 on Instagram. Oh forgot to mention 150,000 people drop thru our site casually every month. That’s pretty cool.

This all started from a little hobby and burning passion for the beach and surfing…punching out pictures of the beach each morning back in the 90’s…well before blogs, Flickr, Facey and stuff. This is an original idea…and I’m really into it…still…after 13 years.

It’s an exciting time to take photos for a living. We have access to so much good stuff…good cameras…great software…and free tools to show millions of people our captures.

I still freak out when writing this daily ramble. Who’d thought a C grade English yr 10 student would write something to a crowd the size of a small country. Sorry for all the typos. (I’m actually not that bright).

Special thanks to our corporate partners : Canon, Telstra, Land Rover, HTC and Peroni. With their continued support it allows us to do cool things and keep this daily slice free for you all.

Goodbye 2012…hello 2013.

Merry Christmas to you and your families. Thank you for tuning in : : uge

Good ole' Kombi at Bondi

Pipeline, sunset rush over a 12 footer


Threading the needle...Mentawais

Wifie, Lembongan Bali.

Rare, Pipeline

Tamarama, a golden moment

Banzai Pipeline, on fire. Love that joint.

26 thoughts on “Two Thousand and Twelve

  1. Thankyou Uge for another year of daily joy. These spectacular photos say it all. Have a great Christmas and may the New Year bring all you could wish for…

  2. yea eh…another year of quality work Eugene…how you keep it fresh is truly astounding. Assuming the world doesn’t end today, I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to their fleeting moment of Aquabumps fame in 2013. Merry Christmas and keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks for spreading so much joy around Uge.

    Love ‘dropping in’ to Aquabumps 5 days a week – it’s a fantastic service you provide. You have a unique way of expressing (and a neat way with words). Festive cheers!

  4. Uge, I’ve got the icy wave in Broome and threading the needle in the mentawais on order for our new living room. Looking forward to their arrival at my front door.

  5. What a great set of photographs to end the year. Thanks! Very beautiful. Although I can see the water as I type (Dartmouth, Devon, UK) your photos always providde that extra inspiration to get into my damp wetsuit and head out 🙂 Happy Christmas all. Michael

  6. Beautiful work – a very impressive collection of pictures for 2012, Uge, and good to see the large print versions of a couple of them in your popup gallery in Westfield Bondi Junction. Happy holidays to you and all the family. Brian

  7. Thanks Uge for your beautiful photos and your daily dialogue which is always great to read. All the best to you and your family for Christmas and New Year. Lenore

  8. “Rare Pipeline” makes me want to surf everyday for the rest of my life. Your pictures bring joy to us all Uge, no matter the ups and downs of comments you have or will have on this forum, always keep in mind that every month 150 000 people check out your site, and most find out like I did a couple years ago, by word of mouth. That says a lot. Glad to see your living your dream, Thanks and Merry Xmas

  9. Thanks Uge, for bringing a smile, a bit of sunshine and waves in the daily life of your northern hemisphere / Irish fans. Wishing you, your family and your crackin’ little business a truly Happy Christmas and a fun filled and inspiring (as always) New Year.


  10. A great choice to finish the year. Have enjoyed your “chats” over 2012. Happy Christmas and looking forward to the selection for 2013

  11. hi eugene,
    a few broome musos and myself are hosting the inaugural ‘saltwater music festival’ on 3rd feb 2013.. i was wondering if you ever allow your work to be used in posters, your gorgeous phot of waves breaking on cable beach is perfect.. anyway, no worries if not but i thought i’d ask 🙂

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