Waimea shore break, oops this is gonna hurt

North Shore


Sorry about the radio silence. Just been taking it easy here in Hawaii. Y’know…bit of holidays, bit of shooting.

The swell has been ridiculously big the past week. Haven’t seen a day less than 6 foot. Today it came up again and there are faces at Pipeline that are over 30 foot! The swell is a wonky one though, quite unpredictable and plenty of crew getting’ axed on the reef.

I’ve seen Tom Curren around a bit, quietly doing his thing. He charges the biggest days here at age 50. How good is that? I like how unassuming he is…not much of a chatter, hangs out on his own…he was the only guy out at huge Pipe a couple of days ago. Slater is here too…but haven’t seen him surf. Then there’s JJ Florence and JOB who dominate Pipe. That’s about it from the Rock.

Back in Bondi we’re looking for a new full time team member in our Aquabumps Gallery, a production manager with some sales skills. If you think you fit this criteria listed here be in contact with Gloria Tong.

M a h a l o : : u g e

Pipeline is huge today. Lethal

The enigma, Tom Curren, lone wolf at huge pipe

Tom Curren, in a meditative state as he stalls for a meaty Pipeline section

Pipeline, about 1 hour ago. Maxing

What the hell is that? The 'thing' @ Waimea

Smaller inside set at Pipe. 1 in 10 work out just fine

Shot this yesterday, could pass as a Leroy Grannis 60's shot

Big swell mist all lit up at sunset, North Shore of Hawaii

11 thoughts on “North Shore

  1. All this Curren talk has made me go and watch some of his surfing again. Get on to youtube and watch his heat against Occy at Bells ’86. The good old days of big power turns and flouro wetsuits – absolute classic!!

    1. Thanks mate.

      In a shack near pipe.

      Sorry I don’t give out the details for the shack. (get asked a lot)

      PLenty of places to stay on the North Shore.

  2. So beautiful. I was just there a month ago, when I was back home visiting for the holidays… thanks for helping me to miss it a bit less through your photos, feels like I’m standing there on the beach with my toes in the sand. Wishing I was eating a spicy ahi bowl at Pupukea Grill right now!

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