Swell came up last night, this one stood tall


It’s going to be a hot one back home in Sydney…not so hot here in Hawaii but definitely better waves!

Pipeline was working this morning with clear skies and little wind. The usual masses were out, more sponsored surfers than a WCT event. It’s gotta be the most photographed wave in the world.

Was 6-8 foot this morning, but with this looming giant swell it could get pretty rad later. Tomorrow will blow your mind.

Have a great weekend : : u g e

Doggercam, Ehukai Beach Park

Jamie Obrien, the main man out at Pipe

John Florence, Rodeo

Classic Pipe...looks easy in this shot, dunnit?

Nice round meaty one

Shuv it

Sydney is going to be 38, hit the beach, we have...

17 thoughts on “Pipe

  1. Great pics Uge!! I loved watching the 2012 Billabong Pipe Masters streaming live back to my little desk here in Aucks, NZ. Did John John landed the rodeo flip?!

  2. Great pics Uge!! I loved watching the 2012 Billabong Pipe Masters streaming live back to my little desk here in Aucks, NZ. Did John John land the rodeo flip?!

  3. Love the shots but how about walking up the beach a bit now and then – sunset, rocky point, backyards, velzyland etc. Something for us natural footers. I think maybe you’re a little obsessed with Pipe.

    1. Yeah I am pretty obsessed with Pipe. Coming from Bondi it’s such a reprieve to have waves that are big, perfect and hollow. It’s kinda big too…like 2nd reef broke this morning meaning all those places your named aren’t working too well – with no one out. Don’t worry, I am here for a while, you’ll see some right handers…thanks for commenting. Cheers, uge

  4. Great shots as always, enjoy this little slice each morning, surf been a shocker this week in lower WA, if you need an assistant next year give me a shout,

    Cheers, enjoy, stay safe and a thousand barrels to ya.


  5. JOB switcheroo? i was thinking, “ha, even the self proclaimed king of pipe looks a bit flimsy every now and again.” but no… goofy/natural, whatevs.

    great pics, nice work swimming around out there dragging a cam around.

    meanwhile, 45 degrees and a meagre ne windswell here. g’ah!

  6. uge how easy is it to swim out to pipe with your camera , ive seen caution signs everywhere for swimers but when JOB paddles out its very smooth with no rip


    1. It is all about timing. Pick the wrong time and you will be paddling and duck diving forever.

      There is a serious side current immeadiately from the shore that is mental. That makes it hard. Swimming is ok once you’re ok. Today’s it’s 12-18 foot plus…so swimming will be more like drowning.

  7. Hey uge – how good is the NS ..
    + Has job been riding his foamy ??

    Saw some pics of him take it on on an inflatable tube the other day !

    1. Today is huge but a wash out…will check Waimea later but it’s not firing.

      JOB was out at Pipe on that inner tube yesterday – real show man.

  8. Two shots in one post that feature bodyboarders? That has got to be a first in the 6-7 years I”ve been following the site. I can’t remember even one shot of a bodyboarder. Kneelos get the ocasional run but.. as a bodyboarder I’m almost starting to feel accepted 🙂

    Love your work.

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