Moody skies, Mentawais

: : Bad Eye

We’re having a stormy time here in the Mentawais, despite the glassy conditions depicted in today’s imagery. Last night a bad eye hit. 60 knots dragged two anchors and looted the boat. Probably the worst storm I’ve ever seen up here in 17 trips. Reminded me of the Wolf of Wall Street leaving Portofino…except we didn’t go down and have no Italian Navy to assist us.

When it’s not stormy, the sun comes out and the typical glassy Indo conditions prevail. There’s plenty of swell and tomorrow is going to be really big. My surf guide, Eric, in his words “As big as it gets”.


Hope all is well back in Sydney.

:: uge

JJ Botella, fine tuning

Karlos Santana Page, on a lil’ insider

Underwater scene, Mentawais

Tim Kelley and the mother ship.

Churn, Mentawais

Slick, Mentawais

Shred, Mr John John


Shorty, grinding to find ‘em

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  1. Congratulations on Aquabumps coming second in the Surfaid fundraising – all down to Eug’s encouragement

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