Junk in the Trunk

Like the ocean, I’m confused. There’s swell (east), and it’s 3 foot, but it seems to be all over the shop.

The ocean has a heap of junk on it. It appears to be onshore, but you can’t feel the wind. It’s still.

So, once the ocean wipes off some of this morning sickness, it could be a good day for surfing. I think. Maybe. ? ? ? What I do know is that it is going to be a brilliant warm day tomorrow – 28 degrees!

There is some swell forecast for Sunday – but the charts are showing strong winds flanking (offshore but like 35 knots). :: uge

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Bondi, morning light


One big kitchen sink, Icebergs #FinishWaterWaste

Wonky, fat, head high


Bondi had some little runners


Hey, there's a cowboy loose in the Icebergs


Fat chunk from southern Tamarama


Warm ups, Tamarama



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