How good is the rain! Glorious rain! It is bucketing as I write this post.

Not great for my morning photos though…

Spike, my 6-year-old, sat in Bondi car park with me this morning, wind wipers blazing, cameras at the ready, 1-2 foot dribblers “Daaada, I want to take over Aquabumps…I wanna take photos…” (music to my ears)

“Oh, really son. OK, when?”

“Now Dad…now.” “Oh…OK” I replied. “Today’s not the best day to start – it’s pouring”

Lately, he’s been trailing me on my morning shooting adventures. He likes the 50mm – in fact he only ever shoots on one lens and the Canon mirrorless. So if a little creep taps you on the shoulder (he’s 2 foot high) and asks for a photo – don’t freak.

Aquabumps has been going for 21 years this March (that isn’t a typo – 21 years!). I’m still going strong and frothing, but hopefully, my young fellas will continue the morning rituals in the future. No pressure of course.

Rain for the next two days, the garden is loving it. This morning’s small waves will leap into the 3-4 ft range at Bondi and winds will blow NE. I reckon it could get good on dark tonight.

Today’s photos are from early Feb, on a cracker summer’s Sydney day.

:: uge

Heritage Pool




Mackenzie's Beach - here for the summer, gone overnight


My dream pad, could shoot directly off the balcony


One of mine, Jet. Putting it on a rail - tongue out and all


A legend.


Tamarama with plenty of sand


On the Wylie's hot plate. Coogee


3 thoughts on “Precipitation

  1. Hi Uge. Congratulations on 21 years!!!
    I was licky enough to get involved early and have been loving your daily posts ever since. I’ts getting pretty thread bare now, but I still have the t-shirt you produced to celebrate your 8th birthday. Any plans to commerorate the 21st? Its a huge milestine. You’ve got so many images to choose from, your collaborations with Speedo have been awesome, I would happily purchase a new t-shirt celebrating Aquabumps 21st and I’m sure many others would too.
    Keep doing what you do. Love your work.
    Cheers Uge, Simon.

    1. Thanks for reading Aquabumps for all those years.
      A commemorative tee – good idea! Let me have a think about it.

      Cheers, uge

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