One strange observation of COVID19 is the hackers/sp*mmmers are having a field day! My social channel comments range from money laundering advertisements to flirtatious women, offering…well…all sorts of stuff.

Someone has hacked my twitter account yesterday (from Boston), and in seconds they’ve locked me out and changed everything (yes yes yes, I’ve logged tickets with the Twits). It now shows a female Chinese model’s profile – just for the record, that’s not me. I’m only half oriental.

The moral of the story – set up two-factor authentication on EVERYTHING! Especially now, Rona and all.

SOME beaches in the east are now open, but definitely not BONDI. Read the Mayor’s msg.

I thought I’d mention the obvious, my family and I are taking this home isolation quite seriously and not roaming around – not even to shoot (which I miss dearly). I’m just waiting for things to settle a little more before going back to morning rituals. The bright side is that I’m having a good time trawling my archives, finding shots that haven’t seen the light of day – and they’re worthy! Here are some lost gems from 2017 era.

I’d also like to thank all those readers that have recently purchased artworks from us, online. (Aust-wide free shipping is a good deal huh?). Your support is highly valued in these unchartered, strange times. Our gallery door has been shut for weeks, so you’re supporting a small family business that employs many. All our artworks are 100% made in Australia.

Surf? fading swell. Small conditions forecast for the next week.

If you got down this far in my daily rambles, well done! Keep busy, positive and healthy. :: uge

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Mr. Little inside the pocket of a beast


No summers haze, just winter clear






Golden rays of winter


From behind the tree


Autumn Burst


Taming rouge bumps


Metallic edges, Bondi peak winter


3 thoughts on “Two-Factor

  1. How do you store your photo’s? I know that’s a broad question but the more detail would be appreciative (like filing, file names, do you have a rating over each one so you can identify the best of’s, any software?) Thanks Keep up the great positive vibe each day!

  2. Great images and great message mate – can’t be compromises . There are no winners in this huge Cluster f/ck and even more losers if we cut corners . And fingers crossed the sooner we are out of it . And a respectful message for all Bondi / Tamma surfers etc – we don’t come surf Bondi etc for obvious reasons . Pls don’t come over the hill to the bra and mess this up – be plenty there with the actual locals – sorta begging boys and girls.

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