Groundhog Day

Still in your pyjamas? C’mon, it’s now midday. Ava shower at least and you can switch on video mode for your Zoom calls.

It’s hard not to watch the 24-hour news at the moment. I’ve been trying to limit myself to 30-45mins a day…to keep the spirits up and be positive in such strange times. Here’s my take on recent events, through the eyes of a one-dimensional beach bum photographer locked inside:

Dimitri, a well-known face down at Bondi, was arrested in his famous red d-stickers this week for going for a swim. D claims he was treated “like an animal”! Have you seen the size of Big D? I wouldn’t be manhandling him anytime soon. Read on

Our buddy Richard Branson has taken his Caribbean Island to the nearest hock-shop, as he tries to raise 500 million pounds to help bail out some of his struggling debt-riddled airlines (Virgin and Virgin Atlantic).

There’s a massive surplus of oil in the world as we’re all travelling a lot less (toot toot!). Don’t need your private jet to visit the local Woolies hunting bog roll. Oil is so cheap it’s in a negative price – so, people will pay you to take a load off them as they have nowhere to store it. Fill the scooter up!

Trump, well…he’s busy tweeting about closing immigration and taking selfies. It’s all a bit confusing, to be honest. I find it hard to take a man serious who wears caked-on fake tan.

My mate Josh, the old maitre d’ from Drake in Bondi, is a sommelier (person who knows more about wine then you do). Let’s be honest, we’re all having a couple of extra drinks during this lockdown, I know the homeschooling mums are! Josh has a business called The Weekly Drop, where every week he will choose and deliver 2 bottles to your door (not the kind that comes in silver bags). He’s giving all our Aquabumps family $5 off their first order and the chance to go in the draw to win 2 x 3 month subscription. Don’t drink more – drink better!

Onya Mum! Sunday, 10 May is Mother’s Day and you probably won’t be dropping around this year. Instead, order her a framed artwork from Aquabumps, you’ll score free Aust-wide delivery (frames start from $150). Easy! Tick.

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Sunrise at Bondi - too good


Wave riding vehicle parking lot




Perth Standlick, doesn't surf mornings any more but I wish he would!


Slow shutter glides


4 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Here’s a tip:
    Towards the end of your shower turn the tap to cold… you’ll feel like you’ve been for a swim.

  2. I first visited Oz twenty years ago spending three winters staying in Coogee and on the point between Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay. I’m in sunny Seattle and love getting the superb photos from around the world. I’ll be back soon.

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