Monday Chills

How many small, flat days we’ve had this winter is incredible. It starkly contrasts the everyday cooking waves of our recent Autumn. (In my mind, it was one of the best Autumns).

Today it’s knee-high and very slow. You’ll need a very positive attitude, a longboard over 9 feet long and plenty of patience to go surfing today. Fifteen knots of westerly will keep it neat but also cold.

Tomorrow we’ll have a little bump in swell supply, don’t get too excited, though. It should be solid surf on Sunday.

As you were.

:: uge

P.S. This image of Bondi’s dead calm has been popular in the gallery. Order yours

Shop recent epic shot of Icebergs with flat water

Captain of the french-shredders squad


First light over Ben Buckler


Tiny little runner.


SJ is in tow

Free boards


Patience required today


That's not really a wave Asaf


Breathe - Breathe - embrace the cold!

Longboarding only today


Knee high mostly


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