Bondi Manhunt

Never a dull moment around Bondi.

Yesterday arvo, whilst cooking my famous Beef Boganoff (Fusion edition), the police surrounded our houses along the street. I thought it must be the alluring scent of my culinary genius bellowing onto the road (again)—like when you wander past Belle’s chicken. MMMmmmmm.

The POLAIR helicopter then parked directly above our house like in the LA gansta movies – I thought, this isn’t good. About 20 police were going house to house, searching our backyards for a villain on the run. The undercover detectives informed me a man jumped out of the window of The Adina Hotel, dashed into my neighbour’s yard, and is hiding…all of this…in his glorious undies.

With the roads closed, the siege continued for 45 minutes as they played catch-me-if-ya-can between Roscoe and Curlewis. It was a bit like a Benny Hill show as police gangs slid down the sides of all the houses, chasing the elusive prize – as he lept from house to house.

“He’s on the Roof!” my neighbour Frannie called out.
And there he was, indeed, behind our joint.

(insert sigh of relief)…an arrest was made of a 48-year-old man, apparently on the roof of Leah’s crib. He’s wanted for some serious offences I later found out (and was in rugby shorts) Read SMH

Moments later, I could hear all the police high-fiving and celebrating. Good work!

Enough rambles. The surf isn’t as exciting as my street. The waves are doable. It’s chest-to-shoulder high with a junkie breeze. Waves are weak and limp, whilst the skies constantly threaten showers.

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