high tide shorey dribbles

the stink weed

Some days it’s torturous coming up with 5 interesting images to show you all when there is no light, no waves and a pile of stinky weed on the shores. Bondi is a full shorey…don’t even think about it and do something else I say. On the 2pm low tide you might get a knee to waist high shank, but don’t go rushing down there.

No waves until Monday/Tuesday where the goods return – nothing like Big Wednesday last week – just a nice solid East swell. Something cooking up at Goldie next week if you’re up there.

Ocean Fit

If you’re not 100% confident in the water, Bondi local Andre Slade is running sessions to develop your ocean knowledge and confidence. Beginners to ocean hell men – he caters for all. Ava a look here.

Later :: uge

The stink weed

Sarah Wilson, Debbie Baker, Sammy Cockle


Stu Nash, back from soul-searching in the mountains

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