Bondi Red, 6am today


There has been some freaky natural moments going down in the past 24 hours. Let’s start with that super moon last night, wasn’t it huge? Biggest it will be in 25 years. At 6am this morning the sunrise was sprayed red above Sydney. T’was quite the spectacle. And now we have a thumpin’ east swell in town with grooming offshore westerly winds. I’d call it 4-6 foot at exposed beaches, with the odd larger set. For some of the groms out at Bronte it looked triple head high! The 8am high tide wasn’t great, as the tide drops it will turn on. This time of year is so good.

Don’t forget it is Mother’s Day this Sunday and she may like something from our gallery. Oh and the Aquabumps Gallery is now open 7 days…yes, we’re open Mondays from here on.

:: uge

Tamarama 7:00 - grinding lefts

Sunrise painted sky runners

Bronte 7:00am, looks like a big wave for this little fella

Plenty of swell today!

Fishos peak

Bronte rights looked fun this morning

19 thoughts on “Red

  1. Dare I say this…. but…bit dissapointed this morn Uge.. what with the macking swell and conditions and only two shots of waves being ridden…

    1. Hi Leonie, high tide this morning. Heaps of backwash. This translates to very few people actually surfing them. I can only document what I see out there. uge

  2. Saw u outside our apartment(above RipCurl) getting a shot of the low moon. Interested to see how that turned out.

      1. Vicious…..I got a couple…..was gonna shout ya to come up if you wanted a better vantage point 🙂

  3. What a wonderful site..refreshing…you lucky people in Sydney..Fab photos, Perth’s not bad but weather coming in now. Uge, I found you via the Telstra Smart bus mag which arrived in my mail today. I’m retired..great to see our young people thinking outside the sq. enjoy. Lin’s

  4. Uge can I know why you don’t post more photos? I would like to see more of your amazing photography.

    1. Do mean more fotos on each day? or more in general. Each day is 7. that takes me around 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hours to shoot daily. The daily email needs to be lean KB wise…so can’t have too many pics either. it’s just enough to keep you hungry to see tomorrows!

  5. Your photos are beautiful – how I miss my beautiful Bronte – great memories – Cheers mate, suzy

  6. Uge my home page is Aquabumps so I get to see your photos on a regular basis, I have to say that this is probally the best collection of photos from one day I seen u shoot. Bravo, keep it up

  7. hey urge, tamarama grinding lefts is an amazing shot. colourfull and crisp, nice work, i also agree with liam. awsome set mate.

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