Soak it up boyz, today is a cracker


We are still reaping the benefits of past northern storms…its 3-4 foot today and fun!

The sand banks around the east are lacking. Sets at Maroubra were closing out, Bondi was small neglecting the majority of the swell source and Tama, well…it was just being Tama (fools gold). I recommend packing up the whip and surfing out of town (if you have spare time) – somewhere is going off right now.

:: u g e

Oh yeah, love this one...mind surf that bad boy

You miss the best things in life when on your phone

Blake Thornton, morning shade at Maroubra

Heading out, Maroubra

Maroubra, the odd smaller set lined up well

Just taking the birds for a walk

Green walls

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