Jailbreak tubes, Bondi 7:10am

B 0 N D 1

Yo. I have to say we’ve had a decent run of small swells the past 3 weeks. Today I found shoulder to head high wind swells breaking at Bondi. It actually looked like fun…Not a patch on our famous left of last week, which has now been downgraded as the sand moved to the rocks. Feels like it is going to get warmer as this week progresses. Good huh.

Not much else to report. I bet most of you don’t get to my second paragraph anyway…

Bye :: uge

Subtle morning tones, Bondi 5:44am

Ripbowl rights behind the skatepark @ Bondi

Walking the sausages

Steggles on the right

This is how it all started today, Bondi 6:00am

Kinsey Yuen dropping into a fine little peach

5 thoughts on “B 0 N D 1

  1. Hey love your photos and blog, keeps me motivated for the day! btw I always try and read past your second paragraph! the sausage comment made me laugh! keep it up!


  2. Uge, I’m guessing the reference to ‘Steggles’ on your 5th photo today is related to the visual parallels between that guy riding the knee board and a Steggles frozen chicken? If so….absolute gold, had me laughing out loud in the office, nice one.


    1. Gavin, yes. you nailed it. Wondered it anyone would catch up. Next time you’re in the super market, check out how those chickens are packed – looks like a kneeboarder:: uge

  3. Hello from a US fan,
    Love your photos, great way to start my morning before work!
    And I even read past the second paragraph 🙂
    Thanks for providing these pictures, keep ’em coming!

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